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Creature of the Black Tusk

BC Parks - Talk is Cheap

The Youtube "feel good" video "Garibaldi Provincial Park - The Great Ranger Experience" featuring a B.C. Parks Garibaldi Park supervisor is especially revealing.

The most ironic and revealing quote in the video comes from a B.C. Parks Supervisor who states that one of their aims is to "...influence people to take some ownership within the park (4:06)".  When volunteer trail builders enthusiastically began restoration work on the heritage Darling Lake Trail in 2015, BC Parks and the Ministry of Forest and Lands threatened them with prison sentences, large fines, and placed motion activated cameras on crown land to monitor them even though the volunteer trail builders never even performed work in Garibaldi Park!  To our knowledge, industry has never been subjected to such harsh scrutiny and punishment.  As an example, when Interfor illegally harvested $100,000 of old growth timber from within Garibaldi Park, Interfor was certainly never threatened with prison sentences, nor monitored with cameras, nor subjected to the level of scrutiny volunteer trailbuilders have been subjected to after Interfor's violation.  

Amazingly, the fines threatened by BC Parks and the Ministry of Forest and Lands on the volunteer trail builders for cutting 3 six foot tall second growth cedars (one with a broken top and all within a logging clear cut filled with industrial debris, rusting steel haul cable and log piles still visible on satellite maps) were greater than the total stumpage fees and fines owed by the logging company Interfor in connection with their illegal harvesting within Garibaldi Park! ($20,000 fine for each trailbuilder [x 14] = an astonishing $280,000 in potential fines!)

Reference:  Darling Lake Trail Stop Work Order, Murray Watt, FLNRO Compliance and Enforcement Officer, August 2015 (4,396 KB)

As the heading of this article states, talk from BC Parks is very very cheap indeed. makes a strong case that BC Parks is encouraging industry and developers to take ownership of the park, but aggressively blocking and obstructing access to BC citizens.  This is not unique to Garibaldi Park, but continues to occur in other BC Provincial Parks such as Cypress Provincial Park.  From our point of view, BC Parks and the Provincial Government have betrayed the sacred trust granted to them by the fine citizens of the Province of British Columbia in a most spectacular way.

It is also interesting to note that Garibaldi Park is down to a single 10 month per year part time-ranger, yet there still remain multiple parks administrators working away in offices.

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