Darling Lake Trail Gallery

Welcome to our photo gallery of the spectacular Darling Lake Heritage Trail.

  • Darling 2
    Darling 2

    Squamish SAR inbound to Darling Lake.

  • Darling 3
    Darling 3

    Looking towards Squamish from Manic Peak. Skookum Creek and the ancient lava flows from Opal Cone in the bottom right quadrant. Sky Pilot on the leftmost skyline. Howe Sound and the Chief right in the middle.

  • Darling 4
    Darling 4

    Alpine wildflowers putting on a great show in the valley!

  • Darling 5
    Darling 5

    Second heli landing. Chopper in the upper left, our camp lower right.

  • Darling 6
    Darling 6

    On descent from Manic Peak around 8:30PM

  • Darling 7
    Darling 7

    Heading out to do recon down the Darling Creek valley. It starts out easy enough. Several creeks meander and converge lower down where the valley narrows.

  • Darling 8
    Darling 8

    Outbound heli with our fearless leader on board. Garibaldi in the distance.

  • Darling 9
    Darling 9

    Darling Creek valley about 1km from the lake. This is directly below where the old trail intersects the ridge. We bailed out of the recon trip and climbed back up to the old trail. Our consensus was that building a trail up the old route would be easier than creating one through here.

  • Darling 10
    Darling 10

    Cal and Oudi work their way up one of the boulder fields en route to the ridge

  • Darling 11
    Darling 11

    Setting up camp near the lake. Beautiful clear-running streams abound in the meadows. We're using it as a "cooler" (see lower right corner). We took two dips in the lake - invigorating!!

  • Darling 12
    Darling 12

    Darling Peak

  • Darling 13
    Darling 13

    Beautiful azure waters of Darling Lake viewed from above.

  • Darling 14
    Darling 14

    Cal and Oudi on the summit of Manic Peak

  • Darling 15
    Darling 15

    Sample of the micro-terrain in the Darling Creek valley

  • Darling 16
    Darling 16

    Sunset over Darling Lake

  • Darling 17
    Darling 17

    Large boulders near Darling Lake. Notice the huge swarm of mosquitoes.

  • Darling 18
    Darling 18

    Oudi preparing dinner

  • Darling 19
    Darling 19

    Small lake at 1800m just above Darling Lake in a bowl below Mirage Peak. Easiest access to this Mamquam Icefield passes through this area.

  • Darling 20
    Darling 20

    Cal takes in the sunset

  • Darling 21
    Darling 21

    The mighty Judge

  • Darling 22
    Darling 22

    The Darling Creek valley about 800 from camp. The valley tightens up with steep walls running right down to the creek.

  • Darling 23
    Darling 23

    Small cairn I built on aptly named Manic Peak. The flies will make you manic.

  • Darling 1
    Darling 1

    Skookum IPP headpond viewed from near the top of the ridge. If you squint you can make out 4 trucks in the parking area.

  • Darling 24
    Darling 24

    Beautiful view of the Garibaldi massif taken mid-morning at Darling Lake

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