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Creature of the Black Tusk

Greed, Avarice, Venality. Lesser traits of the human condition. The founder outdoor clubs who fought to create Garibaldi Provincial Park had higher motives. But, under provincial administration the founders' lofty vision has been demeaned and debased. The park today is under threat. BC Liberals and BC Parks roll out the welcome mat to commercial development while curtailing hiking and climbing access and threatening the founder outdoor club guardians with jail and heavy fines.

Stop Garibaldi at Squamish Resort

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What Is Garibaldi at Squamish?  (The Article Below comes from

The Garibaldi at Squamish (GAS) proposal includes 22,500 bed units, (1,770 hotel units, 5,723 housing units) 24 ski lifts, 3 gondolas, 3 day lodge facilities, 500,000 square feet of commercial space, 100 km of new road, one large water storage dam, a waste water treatment plant, water pump house and all infrastructure necessary to pump water and power to the resort from an aquifer located in the Paradise Valley several kilometers down hill and across the highway from Brohm Ridge. The current total development area covers roughly 2,775 hectares, while the total study area outlined in the GAS Master Plan is closer to 5,000 hectares. For some perspective on how big this is, picture the Squamish Estuary located at the south end of town; it encompasses 673 hectares. The GAS study area is over seven times bigger than the Squamish Estuary. A recent amendment to the proposal excludes the two 18 hole golf courses which were planned to surround Cat Lake and the area at the southern end of Brohm Lake. However, to date the area planned for the golf courses and surrounding residential development has not been excluded in the total GAS study area. The resort parameters border Garibaldi Provincial Park and Alice Lake Provincial Park, both of which are highly sensitive ecological areas.

If the GAS Proposal gets the green light from the BC Provincial Liberal Government, this roughly 5,000 hectare area of Crown Land will be available for sale to GAS developers at $5,000 per acre, WAY below market value, as per the BC Alpine Ski Resort Resort Policy. For more information about this, please see:

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