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Singing Pass in a Nutshell

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Creature of the Black Tusk

Restore Singing Pass Trail Access

The Historic Singing Pass Trail existed well before the Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort.  The battle to maintain access to this trail began almost 50 years ago in 1968.  Some of those original documents are posted on this site (see the documents section).

After a major road slump in 1997 made the original access road impassable, access has yet to be restored.  Despite several highly viable options being available, commercial and industrial interests have presented a myriad of excuses and roadblocks, despite the numerous legal documents that establish the public's right to access this historic trail.

Despite having 16 years to achieve this goal, BC Parks has failed to restore access to the historic Singing Pass Trail.  Garibaldi Park 2020 believes this is far too long.  

No more excuses.  No more delays.  No more siding with industrial and commercial interests.

For the first time in decades, it time to put the rights and wishes of the public first and restore access to the Singing Pass Trail...

Breaking News

The Globe and Mail newspaper in its Report on Business, Wednesday, March 30, 2016 page 1 and 8, reported Whistler Blackcomb is seeking a 25% expansion of its ski terrain. A 25% expansion would increase the ski terrain from its current 33 square kilometers to over 41 square kilometers. Undoubtedly this is good news for Whistler and good news for skiers. Especially, if the terrain is in the proposed West Bowl and Kyber areas on the west side of Whistler Mountain. These areas are outside the park and the base would be at Function Junction.

Separately, WB announced its so-called Renaissance project priced at $345 million.

Let's be smart about this and break the logjam that is blocking public vehicle access to the original Singing Pass trailhead. This access requirement was stipulated in the original Whistler master development agreement and has never been extinguished. BC Parks claims it is powerless to resolve the problem because the access roads are outside the park. So, how about the Mountain Resorts Branch, which approves ski resort master development agreements, work to resolve the impasse rather than backstopping Whistler Blackcomb?

Mountain Resorts Branch, just say No to Whistler-Blackcomb Renaissance project. Pave the road to the park boundary and provide public parking. Free public access to Singing Pass all year round.

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