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Garibaldi Park - A Basic Description from Wikipedia

Garibaldi Provincial Park, also called Garibaldi Park, is a wilderness park located in British Columbia, Canada, about 70 kilometres (43.5 mi) north of Vancouver. The park is located to the east of the Sea to Sky Highway between Squamish and Whistler and covers an area of over 1,950 square kilometres (753 sq mi). Garibaldi was designated as a provincial park in 1927, and originally included what was later split off in 1967 as Golden Ears Provincial Park,which juts southward between the basins of Pitt Lake and the Stave River into the Municipality of Maple Ridge.

The park consists of many steep, rugged mountains, many of them capped by glaciers. It includes Mount Garibaldi and other volcanoes related to subduction volcanism in the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt. The park features many dense Douglas-fir, western red cedar and western-hemlock forests, as well as alpine meadows and many rocky alpine areas. The park reaches its highest peak at Wedge Mountain—2,891 metres (9,485 ft).

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