The Creation of Garibaldi Park


The following are documents from 1915- 1925 from the park founders petitioning the BC Government for the creation of Garibaldi Park (over 40 years before the creation of BC Parks).  Apparantly the words of the founders of Garibaldi Provincial Park in 1915 "...preserved unimpaired for the instruction and recreation of the people of Western Canada." have been long forgotten by the B.C. Parks and the B.C. Government.  B.C. Park's current policy of restricting public access to the park and threatening prison terms and huge fines to volunteer trailbuilders is the ultimate betrayal of the founders and citizens of British Columbia.

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Historical Document Gallery Pre-1926

  • BCMC Resolution Letter - 1915
    BCMC Resolution Letter - 1915
  • Letter to Minister - 1915
    Letter to Minister - 1915
  • ACC Letter to Minister - 1917
    ACC Letter to Minister - 1917
  • BCMC Letter to Minister - 1917
    BCMC Letter to Minister - 1917
  • Vancouver Sun Article - 1925
    Vancouver Sun Article - 1925
  • Colonist Article 1932
    Colonist Article 1932
  • Garibaldi Land of Enchantment
    Garibaldi Land of Enchantment