The Creation of BC Parks

The following document from 1955 predates the creation of BC Parks and discusses the need for a separate agency to manage Garibaldi Park separate from the Ministry of Forests and Lands.  This letter is significant in that it lays out the park founders's expectation for this new agency (which would become BC Parks).  On Page 4, the founders discuss their hopes with regards to a trail network for Garibaldi Park.  It is clear upon inspection of this document that the current BC Park's approach to trails within Garibaldi Park and its punitive crackdown on the Volunteer Trailbuilders in the Skookum Valley is in direct opposition to the intensions and hopes of the original Park Founders.  In addition, the six boundary adjustments made for Whistler Blackcomb, as well as the Sea to Sky Gondola Boundary Adjustment are clearly a betrayal to the legacy and intent of the founders of B.C. Parks as an organisation.  The park founders intended that the Garibaldi Park Boundary would be "...inviolate".   The founders of Garibaldi Park are now surely turning in their graves.





Quotes of the Founders

One of the weaknesses in the present administration of Parks is the failure to give enough attention to give enough attention to the development of a good hiking trail system... [1955] bring the visitors to a parking lot without further to do but take a brief look at the scenery and head away is certainly not ecouraging a maximum use of the Parks. [1955]

...Park boundaries should be firmly established by act of the legistlature, and alterable only by amendment to such act. [1955]

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