Historical Trip Reports and Journal Entries


Mamquam Lake Trail



Mamquam Lake Trail, Exploring Garibaldi Park: Volume 2, Dan Bowers, 1977 (631 KB)

Article from Exploring Garibaldi Park: Volume 2. Author is Dan Bowers. Published in 1977.


Mamquam Mountain Trail



Mamquam Mountain, A Guide to Ski Touring in the Lower Coast Range, Blackwell, Bruce; Dibb, Alan; Page, Jay; and Phillips, Paul, 1983 (296 KB)

Article from A Guide to Ski Touring in the Lower Coast Range. Authors are Bruce Blackwell, Alan Dibb, Jay Page and Paul Phillips. Published in 1983.

The map on the second page shows the ascent route of the heritage Darling Lake Trail.


Entry on Mamquam Mountain accessed by Daring Ridge and Skookum Creek in:

A Guide to Climbing and Hiking In Southwestern British Columbia.  Author is Bruce Fairley.  Published in 1986 by Gordon Soules Book Publishers Ltd.

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Note:  the lake referred to as GR 082130 in this book is Darling Lake