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March 30, 2016

Globe and Mail

Journalist Gary Mason writes about perfectly legal campaign financing practices in B.C. and Ontario. What you might not have known, meetings with the premiers or even cabinet ministers can be arranged for large donors.

In B.C. "the names of the people who donate to the party are published annually" Mr Mason writes. "What we don’t know is who on that list made their donation in exchange for rare, one-on-one time with Premier Clark?"

2020 Commentary

What is the purpose of a private meeting with the Premier? Maybe just an introduction. Hockey teams, perhaps? But then again, maybe to connect the person with business opportunities. We leave it to the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.

March 22, 2016

FOI requests submitted by 2020

2020 submitted Freedom of Information requests comprising:

  1. Copies of the Heli-Skiing Park Use Permits/Agreements for Heli-Ski operations within Garibaldi Provincial Park.
  2. Copy of all the documents, letters, emails sent to and/or received from Squamish First Nation, or any other first nation pertaining to or mentioning the Darling Lake Trail, Darling Lake or Darling Ridge.
  3. Location - GPS coordinates - of all the mineral mountain goat licks discovered or documented on Darling Ridge or the Paranoid Creek Valley by government employees.

Our purpose in submitting the FOI requests is to determine the veracity of statements made by certain government officials in relation to the heritage Darling Lake Trail in addition to probing into the reasons for awarding heli-skiing permits adjacent to mountain goat winter range in the Spearhead Range.

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