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April 25, 2016

2020 obtains secret park use permit authorizing heli-skiing in huge area of Garibaldi Provincial Park

2020 just received a copy of the Commericial Recreation Park Use Permit between Whistler Heli Skiing Ltd. and Her Majesty the Queen. Much to our surprise it's bigger area than anyone ever imagined. Check out our custom map of Singing Pass and the Spearhead Range. The permit area is outlined in pink.

The permit area covers 51 square kilometers of Garibaldi Park and is highly valued by backcountry recreationists. Yet, BC Parks is extending it for another five years. No wonder they wanted it kept secret.

How did 2020 obtain a copy of the secret permit document? We asked BC Parks for a copy but they refused to not provide it. So, we filed a Freedom of Information request.

Read more about heli-ski operations in Garibaldi Park and get your own copy of the heli-skiing use permit here:

Also, see our related article dated March 23, 2016 on this page. Even though Bill 25 is now law, BC Parks is dragging out the process of releasing park use permits to the public. It's sad we had to resort to an FOI request.

April 21, 2016

Hikers: walk an extra 5 km of boring logging road - Mountain Resorts Branch

Yep, that's what Mountain Resorts Branch wants for you - hike five kilometers of logged out timber just to reach the park boundary. And run a gauntlet of ATVs and mountain bikes flying through the air. Lucky you if you make it further than Singing Pass. Repeat on the way back.

2020 Commentary

2020 this week received a backgrounder article produced by Mountain Resorts Branch entitled "Singing Pass Trail through the Whistler Blackcomb Controlled Recreation Areas". In part, it is a collection facts and timelines. As such it is a background article. It is also a set of excuses why Whistler Blackcomb should not honour its legal obligation to restore vehicle access to the Singing Pass trailhead near the park boundary.

Bias riddles the report. The bias that Whistler Blackcomb may pursue its business objectives unfettered without observance of their legal obligations. Inappropriate developments are permitted on the access route that endanger hikers with physical trauma. Hikers must run a gauntlet of ATVs and mountain bikes five kilometers long to reach the safety of the park. Turn it around and blame the hikers - they are the problem. 

Mountain Resorts Branch to the rescue! Presenting two options, neither of which resolve hiker's safety concerns and neither of which brings hikers closer to the safety of Garibaldi Park.

News from the Twilight Zone

  • Hikers passing through the bike park are creating conflicts. They are crossing downhill bike trails leading to safety concerns that bike riders might be injured.
  • Public vehicle access would conflict with Whistler Blackcomb's resort operations.
  • Bike riders could be injured by vehicles.
  • It is a complex issue.

The reality is...

  • The Singing Pass Trail and Fitzsimmons Creek access road were in existence for 50 years or more.
  • Whistler Mountain took on a legal obligation in 1982 to preserve and maintain public access including vehicle access to the parking lot near the park boundary. In return, they were granted the controlled recreation area.
  • Whistler Blackcomb developed a bike park knowing full well of the conflicts it was creating. Whistler Blackcomb created the safety problem not hikers.
  • It is the hikers that will suffer physical injury not armour-laden stunt riders flying through the air on a bike weighing 100 pounds.
  • It is a simple issue.

How simple is it?

Pave the road to the park boundary and provide public parking.

Whistler Blackcomb must remove inappropriate developments. Whistler Blackcomb must honour its legal obligations. Mountain Resorts Branch must not approve inappropriate developments that threaten public safety. Mountain Resorts Branch must work in the public interest and not act as a shill for Whistler Blackcomb.

April 8, 2016

Aquilini Investment Group meets with the 2020 team to discuss the Garibaldi at Squamish Resort proposal

The 2020 team discussed with the Aquilini Investment Group the proposed resort at Brohm Ridge and the pledge of $75,000 to reopen the Garibaldi Park master plan. The funds would be pledged to BC Parks for the planning process.

AIG stated it has no intention until build out of seeking land from Garibaldi Provincial Park. Based on the length of time to receive approvals and construction timelines, build out is expected roughly 35 years from today. They did not categorically state a position after that time of whether requests for park land would be or wouldn't be made.

AIG stated that the references to heli-skiing made in the 2003 proposal have been removed from the current proposal.

The current proposal is backed by AIG and Northlands, the latter which is controlled by the Gaglardi interest.

The discussion touched on the topics of the integrity of the Garibaldi Park boundary, adjustments to the resort proposal to remove contentious elements, Black Tusk snowmobile club's use of Brohm Ridge and public recreation access. Issues of mountain goat winter range, urban sprawl versus a functional village, water use and old growth management were also discussed. Also discussed was the perception that rules and regulations are inconsistently applied by provincial agencies for commercial interests and volunteer groups.

April 6, 2016

The Squamish Chief

Aquilini Investment Group pledges $75,000 to reopen the Garibaldi Park master plan

An update to the news article published on March 31:

The update includes comments attributed to Aquilini Investment Group:

[James] Chu said Garibaldi at Squamish also supports BC Parks revising the Garibaldi Park Master Plan. “This revision would involve extensive public consultation, which it seems the petition authors are calling for. And if that is the case, I want to note that not only do we support this review, but we have committed $75,000 to help fund this review,” he said.

The pledge was made on November 25th, 2016 to BC Parks, South Coast Region, Ministry of Environment. It apparently is a re-affirmation of commitments made by Garibaldi at Squamish Inc. in 2010.

Specifically, we [David Negrin, CEO of GARIBALDI AT SQUAMISH, Inc.] are willing to negotiate funding for BC Parks of up to $75,000 to ensure that BC Parks can deliver on park management plan amendments.


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