Crony Capitalism Basics

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Crony Capitalism and BC Provincial Parks 101

Requirement:  A relatively unoccupied and thus considered "economically unproductive" piece of land that holds some sort of annoying and restrictive protected status regulated by Government policy and Legislation.

Step 1:  Commercial Proponent or Developer comes forward with an idea/plan to plaster an excessive number of condos and houses, build gondolas, pipelines, power project, ski resorts, golf courses or run a guided heli-ski operations all over cheap vacant land occupied by some worthless endangered wildlife (known as a BC Provincial Park).

Step 2:  Commercial Proponent or Developer stuffs fistfuls of money into the pocket of a BC Liberal Premier, Cabinet Minister or MLA.

Step 3:  BC Liberal Premier, Cabinet Minster or MLA commands their minions in the BC Civil Service (i.e. BC Parks, Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Environmental Assessment Office, etc.) to manipulate or change policy and regulations to accommodate the new mega development.  Possible New Legislation or secret orders in Cabinet from Victoria may ensue which may result in numerous Park Boundary Adjustments (giveaways).

Step 4:  Any Criticism from the public is to be deflected and handled by low level minions in the BC Civil Service (The politicians and developers are to be kept safe at all costs).  The Victoria Legislature is to sit for as few days as possible in any given year to avoid any undesired criticism or attention.  Changes to policy and regulations must be done as quietly and as secretly as possible.  It is especially important that all minions demonstrate loyalty to the corrupt government; the constant threat of job loss, job transfer, budget cutbacks or disciplinary action keeps the minions in line and able to smother any internal cognitive or moral dissonances no matter how large and painful.

Step 5:  If some citizen or group of citizen gets too close to the truth (i.e. Garibaldi Park 2020), ignore their correspondence, hide the truth, lie and blame the citizen group (Accuse them of being rude, aggressive and unreasonable and anti-job conspiracy nut-jobs).  If called out publically in the media by the citizen group for lies, inconsistencies and policy irregularities or violations, maintain the lie over and over again in the hopes that the public will believe the lie and the criticisms will go away.  Employing/utilizing shills in online forums and comment sections to discredit those critical of Government corruption is also a useful tactic. 

Step 6:  If any dirt-bag citizen seeks the same privileges and rights as a Crony Capitalist Developer (i.e. refurbush the Darling Lake Trail), hypocritically trumpet the virtue of the law and policy from high upon the mount.  The slightest of violations of the most obscure regulation by the public must be treated with the utmost legal severity by BC Parks, MFLNRO and the BC Government (examples:  a handful of woodchips fallen into a non-fish bearing creek from a hand-axe warranting a prison sentence, the Heathens Mountaineering Club "Illegal Camping" fines).

Step 7:  Repeat the first 6 steps ad-nauseum until Democracy and Western Civilization is left in ruins.greedy eating earth

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