About Garibaldi Park 2020 Mapping Technology

The Garibaldi Park 2020 website utilizes four separate mapping Engines.  Each mapping module serves a different need.

Firstly, 2020 has a mapping component that is dedicated exclusively to rendering GPX Tracks.  For further functionality, 2020 also utilizes Gmap4 to provide additional mapping layers based on Government Datasets.  2020 also has a separate component dedicated exclusively to rendering OSM (Open Street Maps).

Garibaldi Park 2020 has yet another powerful mapping component that is dedicated exclusively to KML files/data.  This component can render multiple layers, icons, and multiple KML files in a single map.  This same component can even display the traffic conditions that will be encountered on the journey to any trailhead.  

While most websites utilize only a single mapping component, the combination and utilization of four separate mapping engines has transformed the Garibaldi Park 2020 Website into a powerful mapping platform for any backcountry user.


Below - The artistic OSM "Stamen Watercolor" Mapping of Garibaldi Park.  

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