Watersprite Lake - Winter Route

Runs up the north side of Watersprite creek, then crosses back to south side and climbs to Watersprite lake.
How to Find: Walk along the Watersprite Spur, keeping a close watch for a spot where there is a yellow sign high on a tree plus a single orange aluminum marker about 1h-1.5h up the road.
Short Description: 2014: This trail leaves the Watersprite Spur road and drops down to the meadow, then runs along the edge of the meadow, crosses a 3 log bridge to get onto the north side of Watersprite Creek. It then goes up through the flats on the north side, which is cleared away and flagged, and then crosses back to the south side on a single log bridge. From there, the flagged route leads up through a series of talus slopes and forest to top out just above Watersprite Lake.

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2.3 km, n/a


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