Wedgemount Lake Trail

From Highway 99, cross the Green River and follow the road to the Wedgemount Lake parking lot. The trailhead is on the east side of the parking lot.
A steep and direct route to the alpine below two of the highest peaks in Garibaldi Provincial Park, the Wedgemount Lake Trail is a worthwhile objective for someone with a half-a-day or more to spend in the area. The trail is well marked and easy to follow up from the parking lot. With spring snow, the trail may be difficult to follow above treeline, but the correct route up to the top of a steep knoll is usually obvious from below. Elevation gain is 1100m over 6 km.

The trail starts out on the south side of Wedgemount Creek, but soon comes to a wooden footbridge crossing over to the north side of the creek. Once across the creek, the trail runs east up the north side of the creek. Although you can see the creek, it is far below you and not easily accessable. So bring some water. About 2 km up the trail you can see Wedgemount Falls. Eventually you get to the top part of the trail and it opens up. Here the trail goes more or less straight up the slope, and its steep. Then the trail is above treeline, comes over the crest of a ridge above Wedgemount lake, then drops to the Wedgemount lake hut. There are also campsites near the hut.

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4.1 km, n/a

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