Singing Pass Trail

The new trailhead is now off Village Gate Road at the bus loop on Blackcomb Way. The road beyond that used to lead up to the old Singing Pass trailhead is now officially closed to vehicle traffic due to slope instability. Park in the skier day parking lots and follow the road heading south from the Whistler Transit Loop. For overnight, use lot 5. Keep left a few hundred meters later to avoid going up Whistler Mountain. At 4km, the old parking lot is reached. A gentle trail climbs from here up to Singing Pass, 11.5km from the village.

 At Singing Pass, the trail splits. One branch climbs another 200m vertical up to Russet Lake and the Himmelsbach Hut (Russet Lake Hut). The other branch climbs over Oboe and Flute summits to the top of the Whistler Village Gondola. If you hike up here in the summer, the ride down is free.

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14.3 km, n/a

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