Cheakamus Lake Trail

The Cheakamus Lake Trail begins at a parking lot at the end of the Cheakamus Lake Road (Cheakamus East FSR).  Follow the Trail East.

The Cheakamus Lake Trail is 7.1 KM in length and runs along the reasonably level north side of the Cheakamus River to Cheakamus Lake, then continues along the north shore of the lake to Singing Creek.  It is well maintained and graded until Singing Creek.  Mountain Biking is permitted.

Description:  It is a pleasant three kilometer hike to the first campground at the lake outflow, and another four kilometers to the camping area at Singing Creek. Elevation gain is minimal. Both of these campsite areas are equipped with outhouses and food caches. Those seeking off trail adventure may wish to climb up to Singing Pass and connect with the Singing Pass Trail. A rough, flagged trail continues beyond Singing Creek to the end of the lake, where terrain becomes swampy. Presumably this trail can be followed farther up the Cheakamus River. The Helm Creek Trail branches off 1.5 kilometers from the parking lot, climbing towards The Black Tusk and over to Garibaldi Lake. The cable car crossing of the Cheakamus River has been replaced with a new pedestrian bridge. 

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7.1 km, n/a


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