The "five trailheads" of Garibaldi Park

BC Parks Managers have an unspoken and unpublicized policy of concentrating (limiting) non-mechanized access to Garibaldi Park to the "5 Trailheads".  At 2020, we often refer to these as the "4 1/2 trailheads" because one of the five is the Singing Pass Trail.  See:

The BC Parks policy of limiting access to the 5 trailheads is not mentioned anywhere in the Garibaldi Park 1990 Master Plan, and nor is it mentioned in any of the documents and letters by the Park Founders:

Simply put, we believe in the vision of the Park Founders - Garibaldi Park was intended to be unrestricted to the non-mechanized user with no commercial operators and intrusions, have permanent boundaries, and BC Parks was to focus on promoting and expanding a high quality network of hiking trails.  

After reading through the evidence presented on the 2020 site, it is clear that the BC Parks of today has deviated enourmously from the vision of the park founders.  

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