Skookum-Opal Cone Trail

Trail Proposal - Hike and Mountain Bike

This proposed trail connects the Mamquam Lake Trail with the Skookum Creek trailhead of the Watersprite Lake Trail. The trail begins at the south end on S Line road where Watersprite Lake Trail intersects the road. The Opal Cone trail travels north on S Line to Darling Creek. The creek crossing is a ford and can only be done at low water. Old logging road leads to the park boundary west of Kalkalilh Caldera. The proposed trail enters the park at road end and follows the west side of the volcanic ridge between Kalkalilh Caldera and Eanastick Plug. Just below Eanastick Meadows, the trail route crosses Skookum Creek to its west side. Gaining the ridge on the west, the trail intersects Mamquam Lake Trail in the vicinity of Rampart Ponds, southeast of Opal Cone.

The 2020 master plan is recommending the Mamquam Lake Trail be upgraded to permit mountain biking between Elfin Lakes and the new trail intersection. The new trail will permit a mountain bike loop beginning at Diamond Head trailhead, following Paul Ridge to Elfin Lakes, continuing east to Opal Cone and then south to Skookum Creek. The loop would continue down Skookum Branch and Mamquam FSR to Squamish.

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7.5 km, n/a


Photo: Eanastick Meadows at the head of Skookum Creek, looking south. (Courtesy of

Eanastick Meadows is not a meadow. Rather it is a boggy alluvial fan of outwash material from Spire Peaks area. The rock rib in photo centre is termed Eanastick Plug on The plug forms a dam of sorts that impounds the alluvial material behind it. To the left of Eanastick Plug is Kalkalilh Caldera, which name is also noted on Skookum Creek flows down the west side of Eanastick Plug.

The distant peaks on the right horizon are the Sky Pilot group. Mount Alpen is at centre horizon. The historic Zig Zag-Mamquam Lake Trail follows the true right side of Skookum Creek, i.e. the west. The proposed Skookum-Opal Cone Trail follows the base of the volcanic escarpment running on the west side of Kalkalilh Caldera and Eanastick Plug. The trail route crosses Skookum Creek at the south edge of Eanastick Meadows and climbs northwest up the ridge opposite the plug and towards Opal Cone.

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