Clinker Ridge Trail

Trail Proposal - Hiking and Ski Trail

This proposed hiking trail is reached from Conroy Creek FSR. From high spurs of the logging road, the route follows Clinker Ridge to Clinker Peak. Currently, the road is badly overgrown for long sections. At Clinker Peak, the trail can connect with the Mount Price Trail from Battleship Islands on Garibaldi Lake. It will make possible a long horseshoe traverse between Rubble and Conroy Creek trailheads.

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Photo: Mount Garibaldi, Warren Glacier and Brohm Ridge from Clinker Peak.


Photo: Looking down Clinker Ridge from Clinker Peak.


Photo: Clinker Peak (center), Clinker Ridge (right).


Photo: Table Mountain and the Teacup Handle from Clinker Peak.


Photo: Warren Glacier from Clinker Peak. We presume this is where Garibaldi At Squamish intends to pursue an application for heli-skiing in Garibaldi Park.


Photo: Warren Glacier outwash plain. Credit: Drew Brayshaw. Used under Creative Commons license.


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