Mount Price Trail (route)

Since this is not an official trail, it is not marked. From the outlet of Garibaldi Lake, skirt around the lake to the campground. Go through the campground, and then head directly south, going cross country. You will soon hit the main trail to Mount Price just south of Battleship Bay. Or skirt along the lake to the wharf, and then pick up trail beyond that.

This trail is poorly marked and quite rough, involving a lot of scrambling over boulders. The trail itself ends at treeline below Clinker Peak, 3.2 km past the Ranger Station, and from there it is just a route up the rocks.

The first part of the trail is a beaten path, but as you start to climb, you need to scramble over the big boulders of the lava flow. Here the trail was marked by the occasional pink ribbon, which are helpful, since there's not really a beaten path. Between the rough sections, the beaten path resumed. The lava flow parts of the trail are the roughest part of the trail.

In the upper section above treeline, you have a choice of trying to skirt across bare permanent ice in the gully between Clinker peak and the main Mount Price, or instead staying right and climbing up Clinker, then dropping to the col to go up Price. The crossing of the ice is tricky in plain boots.

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3.1 km, n/a

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