Black Tusk Trail

Trail from Taylor meadows to the summit climb on Black Tusk.
How to Find: To get to the point where the Black Tusk trail starts, you first have to hike up the Rubble Creek Trail for 6 km, then at the fork, turn onto the Taylor Meadows trail, and continue up past the campground and into the alpine. Here you will find the start of the Black Tusk Trail. (Most people stay at the campground the first day, and then hike up Black tusk the second day.) 
Short Description: The trodden trail climbs up through scree on a beaten path, then reaches the solid rock of Black Tusk. At the start of the final climb of Black Tusk is a short 20 m chimney with marked handholds. It looks fairly fearsome, however the handholds are very good, like steps, such that it is very rare than adults uses a rope. Parties with children often carry a short rope.

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1.7 km, n/a

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