It should be noted that the Solitude Glacier area is not accessible by the “public” unless you buy a cross country pass from Callaghan Country (Brad Sills). It is primarily used by guides and guests doing trips from the Journeyman Lodge. The access from the Powdercap requires crossing of a motorized snowmobile accessible zone. There should be a BAC required on the side of the provincial Callaghan Lake road which is how this area has traditionally been accessed and still is once Callaghan Country is closed after April 18th. Guides and guests also have the option of having themselves or their gear being transported through the “non motorized zone” to the lodge by snowcat or snowmobile via the Callaghan Lake road. The non motorized and non commercial status of this area remains very questionable and the section 58 was designed specifically for Callaghan Country as you can see on the map below.

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solitude glacier

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