Mountain Goat Winter Range U2-002 Squamish

The BC government publishes the boundaries of approved mountain goat winter range as part of the Forest and Range Practices Act.

The map below shows approved mountain goat winter range in Garibaldi Park and surroundings bounded by Sea to Sky Highway. Approved means as set out in the Order - Ungulate Winter Range #U2-002.

The GPX were generated from ARC INFO shape files at 100 meter spacing.

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0 km, n/a

Ungulate winter range shape files were downloaded from:

The 58 areas south and east of Highway 99 that comprise all of Garibaldi Park, Howe Sound East, Indian River, northern parts of Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park and Golden Ears Provincial Park were selected for this GPX file. A notable absence is the Spearhead mountain goat winter range. It was not published by FLNRO.

According to the PDF file accompanying the boundary shape file:

The following practices are established as management objectives inside the ungulate winter range:

Maintain mountain goat winter ranges to provide high suitability habitat. Habitat attributes include snow interception, foraging opportunities, escape terrain, steep south and west-facing windswept ridges/slopes, conifer bluffs, shrub/grass communities, and security cover.

From a recreation point of view the most germane point is that trail construction is not permitted in approved goat winter range.



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