Deer and Moose Winter Range U2-002

The BC government publishes the boundaries of approved deer and moose winter range as part of the Forest and Range Practices Act.

Garibaldi At Squamish will be destroying one square kilometer of critical deer winter range. No compensatory habitat can be added since winter range requires low elevation old growth, which can take 350 years to establish. For all intents and purposes, the critical habitat is lost forever. GAS gets the deer winter range for about $5,000 per acre according to the rates established by the Mountain Resort Branch. So the market value of the deer winter range is set at $1.2 million.

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The map above shows approved deer and moose winter range in surrounding the Sea to Sky Highway. Approved means as set out in the Order - Ungulate Winter Range #U2-002.

The GPX were generated from ARC INFO shape files at 200 meter spacing.

Ungulate winter range shape files were downloaded from:


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