Spearhead Heli-skiing Custom Map

Spearhead Heli-skiing Park Use Permit Map

Note: This map shows the permit that expired in 2016. A new permit was issued with significant changes in the permit area. See our blog article: Whistler Heli-skiing park use permit area significantly reduced In summary, Whistler Heli-Skiing has reduced their permit area to remove areas of high use in the vicinity of Decker Mountain, as well as runs in the Iago and Quiver areas.
Showing Garibaldi Provincial Park and Blackcomb Glacier Provincial Park boundaries in the vicinity of Whistler (green line).
The Garibaldi Park wilderness conservation zone is outlined in orange.
In light blue is the ungulate winter range (UWR) for mountain goat in the vicinity of the Spearhead Range.
The pink outline is the permit area for Whistler Heli Skiing in the Spearhead Range. The helicopter landing zones (LZ) are labeled. The ski runs are show as pink lines.
Helicopter noise radii of 2 KM are outlined with yellow circles. These are centered around landing zones. Note that only a subset are shown just to illustrate the intrusion of noise into UWR and the wilderness conservation zone. As mountain goats are extremely susceptible to helicopter noise, Ministry of Environment regulations state that helicopters should not approach within 2 km of UWR or mountain goats.

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